Highly Sensitive Child

Many parents don’t want to label their children. This comes from a place of love, and a desire to bear witness to the unique human being your child is. However, it can be helpful to understand your child’s basic temperament, especially if you have a child with high sensitivity, because the way you intervene with these children can make a huge difference for their ability to cope. Responding with anger, frustration, harsh tones, withdrawal of attention and even a little bit of emotional tension can lead to the development of anxiety in highly sensitive children, who tend to be extremely sensitive to disruptions in the parent-child connection.

I can help you cultivate compassionate awareness of your reactions to your highly sensitive child. With this greater awareness comes choice, and with choice comes freedom from your automatic reactions.

It is possible to shift the way you react to your children when you are frustrated with them. And the time and energy you put into these shifts in the way you respond to your children can help set them up on a path of lifelong mental health and wellness!


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