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In addition to Marriage & Family Therapy, I am also a certified yoga and meditation teacher. I teach mindfulness based yoga and mindfulness meditation, helping students to develop non-judgmental awareness of their ongoing experience. The style of yoga I offer is a combination of gentle vinyasa, hatha flow, restorative and yin yoga. Instead of offering students a workout, I offer them an opportunity to step outside the rat race of compulsive striving, so they can tune in and connect with themselves in a more mindful, compassionate manner. This helps students to broaden their capacity for compassionate self-awareness, and it develops their ability to sustain intimacy with themselves – and others – across an increasingly broad range of life experiences.

I offer a variety of daylong workshops and weekend retreats throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and I offer international yoga & mindfulness retreats in Brazil, Bali, Costa Rica and Hawaii. These services are offered through Mind Body Moms and Mind Body Wellness Retreats. For information about upcoming workshops, please CLICK HERE.

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PLEASE NOTE: Groups, workshops and retreats offered by Mind Body Moms are not healthcare activities, and therefore no healthcare records will be generated.

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