Pain Management

When people are in pain, they tend to turn to medical doctors. And that is an important first step. But if the medical doctors can’t find a cause for the pain – or even if they can – it is helpful to know that there are non-medical interventions for pain management. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction offers tools for pain management. And wonderful medical doctors such as John Sarno and Howard Schubiner along with counselors such as Alan Gordon of the Pain Psychology Center have paved the way for a deeper understanding of what they refer to as Mind-Body Issues / Pyscho-Physiological Issues / Neural-Plastic Issues. I have trained with Howard Schubiner and Alan Gordon, and can help you “unlearn” your pain, as we explore the neuroscience behind chronic pain and explore some of the feelings that might be amplifying it.

Unlearn Your Pain – Howard Schubiner
Think Away Your Pain

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