Clinical Team at Mindful Child & Family Therapy

Jaclyn Long, Founder & Director, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT # 47100            650-297-3400 x 2

ADULTS: Couples, parenting, motherhood, postpartum depression, maternal anxiety, anxiety, OCD, depression, chronic pain
CHILD & TEEN: anxiety, OCD, high sensitivity, behavioral challenges, tantrums, defiance

As Founder & Director of Mindful Child & Family Therapy, Jaclyn Long has been supporting children, teens and adults since 2003. Her style is warm, caring and collaborative. While she has a wide array of tools to share, she believes the most powerful therapeutic intervention is helping clients to access… READ MORE

Allison Baumann, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LCSW #85530          650-297-3400 x 3

Specialities: Children, teens, young adults and parents with stress, anxiety, OCD & depression

Although Allison works with people of all ages, she specializes in working with children (8-12), adolescents (13-18) and young adults (18-30) struggling with academic / career stress, anxiety, OCD, depression, grief, READ MORE

Andrea Throndson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT #103006          650-297-3400 x 6

Specialities: Adults and teens navigating anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, alcoholism. Couples and families. Parents who have children with disabilities.

Andrea brings a wealth of experience supporting teens, young adults and adults struggling with anxiety, grief, depression and addiction. She worked for several years at Kara (Grief Support Services) and has extensive training and…READ MORE

Danielle Seybold, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT # 103742          650-297-3400 x 5

Specialities: Couples. Children, teens, adults and parents with stress, anxiety, OCD & depression.

Danielle specializes in supporting children, teens and adults with anxiety, OCD and depression at the Mindful Child & Family Therapy center, using Team CBT and mindfulness-based interventions. She also has a strong background in couples therapy, and… READ MORE

Supervisor: Jaclyn Long, MFT #4/Danielle/7100

Erin Todhunter, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT# 115247          650-297-3400 x 7

Registered Associate Professional Clinical Counselor APCC #6770

Areas of Special Interest:

CHILDREN & TEENS: Anxiety, OCD, stress, overwhelm, peer challenges, adjustment to school, self identity, grief & loss and life transitions.
ADULTS: Couples, adults with anxiety, OCD, depression, relationship / communication challenges, life transitions, grief & loss, maternal anxiety / depression, infertility, pregnancy loss, maternal loss and parenting support.

Erin believes strongly in the value of therapy as a way of addressing unresolved issues, getting unstuck and finding new and better ways of being in relationship with oneself and others. Her theoretical orientation is rooted in person-centered, humanistic, attachment and psychodynamic principles and … READ MORE.

Supervisor: Jaclyn Long, MFT #47100

Jalene N. Salus, LMFT, HHC, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Certified Integrative Health Counselor

MFT #45363          650-297-3400 x 10  


Couples and Families. Children, teens, adults and parents.

Focus: Stress Resilience. Motherhood/Parenthood, Grief, Loss & Life Transitions. Integrative Nutrition, Adrenal Fatigue, Work-Life Balance, Women’s Wellness.

Jalene is a genuinely warm and compassionate therapist committed to providing quality care to children, teens, adults, couples, and families.  Jalene has a special interest in resiliency, which reflects her unwavering belief in each individual’s profound … READ MORE

Linda Meyer, Registered Associate Social Worker 

ASW 66122                           650-297-3400 x 11        

Specialties: Child and Adolescents, Grief and Loss, Trauma and PTSD, Healing from Sexual Abuse, Building Self-Esteem, Coping Skills, Stress, Worry, Anxiety.

Linda is passionate about helping clients resolve dissonance between beliefs and experiences, restore interpersonal relationships to wholeness and create empowerment by strengthening internal and external …READ MORE

Yasmin Philipos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

MFT# 105168          650-297-3400 x 4

Specialties: Adults / young adults with stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief. Maternal loss, infertility, adoption.

Yasi understands the challenges that come with fast-paced work environments and the stresses of life in Silicon Valley. She specializes in working with young adults and adults dealing with high-pressure jobs, stress, anxiety, depression …READ MORE

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller